Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Essay

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When it was written in 1925, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, by Anita Loos was heralded as a tremendous novel. It was seen as cutting edge and insightful, yet somewhat risqué in its portrayal of Lorelei Lee and her escapades. I can see how this may have been thought at that time, seeing as how women were looked at in such a different way then they are currently. The fact that a women with as little know-how as Lorelei can manipulate men the way that she does, leaves no question as to who is the superior gender in Loos’ mind. While the books is quite amusing, and does have many strengths, if it is looked at in the context of women’s struggles with issues such as domesticity, sexuality and socioeconomic standing it seems less and less like such …show more content…
I know that the fact that she is so privileged adds a very amusing edge to the novel, but it really seems quite inaccurate. Since it was originally published in Harper’s Bazaar, it has to be noted that the women who would be reading such periodicals would be of the working or middle class. Seeing a protagonist like Lorelei who rose to the top without working may have been nice for these women to read, something akin to a fairy tale, it still is certainly unrepresentative of the average woman. Taking into account the inflation of the past seventy-five years, I still do not know anyone who would call up their father (or father-like person) and ask them for $10,000. It is the things like this that make me completely unable to identify with Lorelei, and I find it hard to believe that many women at the time would have been able to either.
     Something that I feel many women at the time, and still some to this day can identify with, is Lorelei’s use of her sexuality to get what she wants from men. It reminds me of the whole “treating” phenomenon mentioned in Cheap Amusements. While did not have sex with men for the presents they gave her, she certainly wasn’t above putting on a negligée and batting her eyelashes to make them give her presents or do her favors. There was not a man in the book who did not fall victim to her in one way or
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