Essay Gentlemen, Your Verdict

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“Gentlemen, Your Verdict” Michael Bruce 1. From what perspective is the story told? (1 mark) This story is told in limited omniscient third person perspective. This is because the narrating voice enters the minds of most characters, excluding the radio telephone scenes. You can only hear Lieutenant Commander Oram’s voice, not the character on the other end of the radio. 2. Through which literary device does Michael Bruce tell his story? (1 mark) The literary device used was flashback with a cliff hanger ending. Michael Bruce started the setting in a courtroom, where the five surviving characters recalled the details of the past event. This is where the flashback took place to present the actual event. Once we see the events…show more content…
They soon discovered the submarines bow planes were buried; the bow tanks full of sand. The propellers were torn off, steering gear ruined, stern tanks flooded, and all the hatches were desperately jammed. 5. Identify a conflict within the short story. (1 mark) I believe the conflict in Gentlemen, Your Verdict, is human against self. B) State whether it is internal or external. (1 mark) The conflict in this story is internal struggle concerning emotion and decision. 6. In your own words, explain the term moral dilemma. (1 mark) Moral Dilemma to me, means having to make an ethical decision between what is considered right and what is considered wrong. B) What is Lieutenant Commander Oram’s moral dilemma? (1 mark) Lieutenant-Commander Oram’s moral dilemma is deciding whether or not to kill fifteen of his men, so five with families can live, as there is not enough oxygen for all twenty to survive until help arrives. 7. How does the author create a sense of urgency in his writing? (2 marks) The author creates a sense of urgency through his ability to place the reader into the Lieutenant’s point of view during the accident. The Lieutenant is taking quick action, yet the reader is unclear what the true nature of the danger is. The situation gets seemingly worse as the story goes on until finally a gruesome resolution is found. 8. Did the Captain make a good decision? Was it right? (2 marks) * Support your
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