Gentrification And Its Effects On Society

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Although gentrification makes an unsecured and, poor neighborhood improved,it also makes people that lived there have psychological problems and it affects there lives in a negative and positive way. Gentrification improves neighborhood because they renew the old buildings , build more stores , more security comes ,and that 's what makes gentrification positive in society. Negative things about this is that make people displace and it interfered with society culture. Personally gentrification is negative because it makes people move because rent goes up and this cause also business that or that means something to society is displaced or shut down because they can 't afford the rent .
Gentrification mostly occurs in low class neighborhood because it tends to have cheap housing ,and also because it have old buildings and this called the attention of people to renew it. “Few people are willing to move into an unfamiliar neighborhood across class and racial lines¹. Once a few familiar faces are present, more people are willing to make the move.” ("POV." PBS). This means that one people from another race that move into another neighborhood can make a big difference because by the time familiar faces will move in and this make.
The positive effects of gentrification is that it improves the local economy because middle or upper class people are moving to neighborhood with low income.” Over a period of time, more businesses are built. More businesses mean more jobs, which help
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