Gentrification Of Young Families With Managerial Positions

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Gentrification as a hypothetical idea is a process lead by middle to high-income class people. In general they are represented under the label of young families with managerial positions, people that work in real estate investment firms, or the beginning of the rise of the entrepreneur class. It started with the partial integration of these “elite” groups into lower-income class neighborhoods that lived in the inner city. The integration of these higher income class people that were attracted to live in these urban clusters, triggered the shift of the local communities’ social structure. The end result was the constant rise of the prices that affected the people’s rents and the commercial services in the area which forced the original residence to leave their own homes. Gentrification is a practice that cultivates social displacement. This change is revealed in the change of the neighborhoods environmental aesthetics, engrossed by the belief that a rebirth of the older city was in the making. No one wants to be a part of a low income community. Some of peoples life goals are to simply stay out of it. Others try to improve it and some try to prevent it all together. These groups of people can be recognized as local, state, and the federal government. Gentrification has to do with the “vanishing” of these neighborhoods. While on the other hand urban renewal has to do with the “vanishing” of the people. The problem with both of these is how the families once

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