Genyo E-Learning Program

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“Effectiveness of the Genyo E-Learning Program to the Learning Achievements As Perceived by the Selected Grade 7 Students of Liceo de San Pedro A.Y. 2012-2013.” A research paper Presented to the faculty of English Department In partial fulfillment in the requirements for English IV By: Follero, Christine C. Ranera, Jeddalyn G. Geremias, Jeddahlyn P. Refrima, Charmaine C. Hernandez, Gelaiza Marie R. Remoquillo, Mica Joy M. Javier, Julie Anne R. Roldan, Jasmae Marie Gen M. Quion, Remyrose F. RECOMMENDATION FOR ORAL EXAMINATION…show more content…
The usual delivery of lessons and lectures have been merged up with different procedures aimed o make the students enjoy learning in this fast-paced world of Technology. Thus, the advancements of technology have been the advancements of Education as well. E-Learning is not a mode of education; it is a means of applying pedagogical theories to achieve better learning (Nocols, 2003). E-Learning can be depicted as a way of learning using different Technologies present in the environment, through the computer and internet. E-Learning can also be described as something that is not only limited to books, pens and papers, but it is something that is open to broader ideas and knowledge. We have been used to the usual teaching strategies of teachers here in the Philippines, it is mostly using different reference books, pens, markers and other things. But with the implementation of the Genyo E-Learning program here in Liceo De San Pedro, the use of those materials can be not needed anymore. The Internet will be a very significant figure in order to make proper use of the program. Students will be made known to various ideas that are, in a way, much more advanced than those present in books. Introducing Genyo to many different eyes hungry for a new learning environment can be a cause of the students’ excitement. We have been used to seeing books, notebooks and various papers for references around us while we are studying. But this time, with the use of an Interactive

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