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Case 8-4: Genzyme’s CSR Dilemma: How to Play its HAND 1. In your opinion, which of the three major HAND initiatives: TB, Malaria, or Chagas should Jim Geraghty recommend? Defend you answer by detailing how your choice is better than the other two. I think that Jim Geraghty should recommend the Malaria initiative. The Malaria initiative is the best business decision for Genzyme. There are 250 million Malaria cases every year, compared to that of 16-18 million cases of Chagas and 25 million cases of Tuberculosis. Even though Tuberculosis has more deaths per year at 1.5-2 million and could possibly be the best initiative to recommend, I still believe the Malaria initiative is the best option. Malaria is spread by Anopheles mosquitos and…show more content…
3. Has the company's merging of CSR with its business strategy compromised the initial goals of HAND? Given the initial goals, is Genzyme investing sufficiently in HAND? The corporate social responsibility is the idea helping people, doing more, and giving back to the public, as is that of the HAND program. Genzyme’s goal is to be transformative. The CSR and HAND both try to accomplish this goal. Therefore, I believe the merging of CSR with its business strategy has not compromised the initial goals of HAND. CSR and HAND fit together perfectly. They have invested an amount of $3 million annually, which has turned out to be very sufficient and efficient. They are clearing profits of nearly $420 million. 4. How would you evaluate the HAND initiative as a CSR program? Is it appropriate for Genzyme? Recommend at least two changes to the program and defend your answer. I think the HAND initiative as a CSR program was a very good program. It is very appropriate for Genzyme, as it does what they originally wanted to do as a company and sticks with their core values of helping people first. One change I would suggest is to invest more in their projects. More invested money will allow projects to be efficient. Genzyme should also make sure they create the right partnerships. Being

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