Genzyme 's Focus On Orphan Drugs

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Genzyme 's Focus on Orphan Drugs In this fast paced world that we live in now it is all but impossible to expect any one to wait for anything these days. We through the innovative technological ideas and inventions you can make anything with in minutes what use to take hours. Everyone wants to be a Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of a major corporation making millions and billions of dollars over night. No one wants to think through how can they take a company that is barley able to keep it’s door open and it’s employees paid to the next level. No one wants to sit down and make up an strategic plan to move a company to the level of excellence to make the millions and billions. Now a days no one has the gumption to go to the board of directors and say that I want to put the whole company at risk for a few years but when we come out we will be at the next level, and oh yeah if we fail the company most likely will not exist no more. Technological innovations has it’s cost and most CEO’s are not willing to take the risk that are needed in the research and development stages to stay the course to reach greatness in the technology industry. We find very few companies that are willing to say either we make it or we go under trying to get there. Henri Termeer did just that with Genzyme Corporation that had only been in existence for two years. Mr. Termeer was willing to put the whole company at risk for a strategic plan that most people said that it would not work. Mr. Termeer not
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