Genzyme’s Global Energy Sustainability Program Essays

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I. Introduction

Genzyme’s global energy sustainability program holistically addresses energy supply, energy demand, employee engagement and greenhouse gas emissions. By simultaneously focusing on these areas, Genzyme will decrease energy cost, ensure energy security, positively impact climate change, and position Genzyme to be a leader on the environment. This holistic strategy is built upon the very strong linkage between energy consumption and GHG emissions at Genzyme. Therefore, the main driver of GHG reductions will be through prevention of energy use and energy efficiency improvements.

Aspirational: Equally focus on non-energy GHG emissions such as refrigerant leakage and business travel.

II. Global
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In order to make this program sustainable, the expectation is that before 2011 all major sites will have fully engaged in the Global Energy Sustainability program by performing energy audits, maintaining a robust list of energy conservation opportunities, setting site energy or greenhouse gas reduction targets, engaging employees, and sharing best practices across the network.

i. Site Energy Objective, Target and Program

Each site will have an aggressive energy or GHG reduction objective and target that is integrated into a management system (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 50001, etc). The objective and target will be approved by the top management at the site. The site will set up a program to drive progress. The program will designate responsibility for achieving objectives and targets at relevant functions and levels of the organization and will include the means and time frame by which they are to be achieved. The objective and target will be based on a realistic energy forecast that is communicated to the Global Energy Sustainability Team who will roll the target into the global picture.

Aspirational: Top management from each major energy-consuming site (or business unit) will sponsor a cross functional Energy Team who are given the authority and budget to drive improvement.

ii. Energy Audits and Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s)

Each of the top 25 energy-consuming sites that have operational control over energy

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