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Ryan Lamb Geo 373 1. What was the view of Las Casas in relation to Spanish treatment of the indigenous people of the Indies? Las Casas viewed the indigenous people in a good light, having said that they were humble and peaceful. He also stated that, for the most part, they were the type of people who wanted to mind to their own business and not get concerned with others. He was a spokesperson for the indigenous people in the new world, feeling the pain that these Spanish intruders forced upon them. The Spaniards didn’t share the same view, they were very cruel and unjust in the way that they treated the indigenous people. They had no respect for their culture or for what the indigenous people had created. Even so the indigenous…show more content…
However, the Spaniards brought things over such as Horses and cattle. By having cows and oxen the agriculture was able to boom. These animals made it easier to produce more crops, while at the same time helping the indigenous people save energy. These large animals were able to make the work easier while at the same time increase output. The Spaniards brought over wheat, barley, various fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and wine. The most overlooked thing brought, were slaves. Slaves brought a huge need for labor while at the same time provided diversity. 5. What was Poma's view of how the indigenous were treated and what was his general attitude toward Spanish rule? Poma thought that the indigenous people were treated unjust with hatred and believed that the Spaniards were arrogant in the ways that they treated them. Poma believed that the indigenous people would no longer exist in the next twenty years because of the way that they were brutally being killed off. Married and unmarried people men and women were separated in order to make sure that they were unable to reproduce and carry on their lineage. It was a genocide, they want to make the indigenous people extinct. He wrote about how the Spanairds didn’t understand how hard the indigenous people worked, and that was the reason why their empires had become so great. They

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