Geo-Located Asset Management at UOS

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University of Sharjah has tapped into this advancement in technology and employed GIS is security its property in general as well as using t to track the movement of their non-fixed assets.
The research uses a number of methodologies like assessing existing system of asset management at UOS, interviewing fixed asset managers, carrying out literature review of GIS systems for asset management, studying the possible methods of interfacing this data with database maintained as GIS maps. Open-Source Quantum Geographical System software was finally used to draw GIS maps of the UOS Women campus and UOS main building. GIS can be used be used in managing outdoor infrastructures, natural resources, and assets like cables and piping system installations and vehicles. In construction planning, GIS can be used by facilities and property managers to prevent costly construction delays by knowing the location of utility lines, where environmental clearances or special permits are required, and other projects being facilitated in such locations. With GIS, maintenance staff and ground keepers can work efficiently with an access to an informed operational picture.
Literature Review Asset management has much to do with putting in place systems that monitor and maintain things that an organization deems…

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