Geo Political Potential of Bangladesh in Context of South Asia

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Introduction South Asia In the world has many region , we discuss such kind of region geo-strategically ,geo-politically and geo-economically which is very important for its Geographical location, two economic giant ( member country India and neighbor country China),Energy based Natural resources,huge men power, two nuclear countries(India and Pakistan) etc* this region is South Asia *.South Asia is Surrounded by Middle east, Easternasia ,Centralasia Southeasternasia,Indian Ocean and the Himalayas ,is composed 8 countries (Bangladesh , India, Nepal , Bhutan , Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Maldives and Afghanistan) . Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small and naturally beautiful Country .It is surrounded by India , Myanmar and the Bay of…show more content…
This process will make Bangladesh a forward looking country, with connectivity well established regionally. This will definitely enhance the potential of having patronage from the regional countries to establish the Deep Sea Port in Bangladesh. (2) Geo graphical Location (3) Chittagong Hill Tracts (4) Connectivity with seven sisters (5)Maritime boarder (6)diversified culture Geo economic Geo economics related four factors Land, Labour, Capital ,Organization. Economics study efficient uses of scare resource. (1) Economic zone Geo economically Bangladesh is in a very advantageous position.It is located at the center of South Asia with its surrounding countries India (ten provinces),Nepal , Bhutan ,Myanmar and China have put it into a unique situation to steer up a process of economic advancement that would bring a large economic market within its hold .This potential can be properly and evenly developed for their respective economic and cultural growth by forming a ‘sub regional economic zone’. This zone will be the sole linkage between Bangladesh ,Nepal,Bhutan,India(ten provinces) Myanmar(southern) and China(Kunming).This ‘geo-economic zone’ is not only a natural integrated zone but also geophysical and military strategy wise a source for regional
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