Geochemist Personal Statement

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In his quest to discover an accurate age for the planet Earth, a determined scientist inadvertently discovered the mass poisoning of a population by modern civilization. Geochemist, Clair Patterson, had stumbled upon a major problem facing mankind, the systematic use of lead as an additive in fuel to reduce engine knock. Instead of ignoring this alarming evidence, he realized the significant adverse health effects to human populations as well as the environment. He systematically collected evidence to prove to the scientific community that lead concentrations in the natural environment were 80 times natural levels. He faced fierce resistance from many influential industries and even encountered similar recalcitrance from his own colleagues…show more content…
It came as a shock to everyone and it was especially devastating for my sister. However, she tackled her diabetes with composure just as she had with the other challenges she had faced before. Seven years later, I see her continually having to monitor her blood sugar levels. The perpetual prick of her glucose monitor is a constant reminder of the sting that she experiences everyday. It is an aggravation that no one should have to endure. One of my life aspirations is to develop an extensive scientific knowledge of biochemistry in order to one day relieve my sister and people around the world of the burden of diabetes. Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to the sciences and to the study of mathematics. In secondary school, I was able to pursue that passion in the form of higher level math and science. I would like to apply that same enthusiasm to the field of biochemistry and in doing so, learn more about the field of genetics and how it could be used to further our understanding of medical science. I would like to utilize the tremendous resources and facilities that the University of Denver has to offer and I would relish the opportunity to further my passion for
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