Geodis Logistics USAA1 Unit 2 Case Study

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Complete Name: Unit 2 Student Name: Sweeting, Marcus


Use the chart above and create your responses in the boxes below.

Student Answer: Company is Geodis Logistics USAA1.We help our clients succeed by overcoming logistical constraints (Mission). We are the growth partner for our clients (Vision).B1. Maximize Growth PotentialB2. Develop Next Generation WorkforceB3.Ensure Customer Lifecycle excellenceThe goal that is directly aligned with our department is B3.C1. Make it easy for the client to do business with usC2.Always deliver a perfect serviceC3.Win, retain and develop profitable clientsC4. Establish quality relationship with Vendors and Customers through effective communicationD1. Building Shipments in a Timely Manner 1.Customers email there shipment request into a shared inbox 2. Once received we must obtain all proper addresses and times for pick up and deliveries 3. Then gather the freight information : pallet count, weight, dimensions, toxicity , etc 4. Choose the carrier that will deliver the product the fastest yet most cost efficient. 5. Send the Bill of Lading back to customer to start the process.D2. The only way to improve the efficiency of this process would be to update the system to soe that most of the reoccurring shipment information could auto-populate to save time on unnecesary keystrokes,

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2. Mission

What is the mission/vision of your company?

Student Answer: Most every company has a mission and vision statement, but some companies do poor jobs conveying the true intention or depth of these statements. The mission statement should state its purpose and drive its collective efforts. The vision statement should state its desired future and drive its strategic plan (MacLeod, L. (2016). According to these standard of a mission and vision statement most companies would be considered lacking. I am currently employed at GEODIS logistics. Our mission statement states, “We help our clients

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