Geoff, . I’M Looking Forward To Meeting With You Tomorrow.

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I’m looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow. I wanted to use this email to clarify what I’d like to cover tomorrow. Last time we talked about marriage, I feel like the conclusion of the conversation was that I have the freedom to marry, and you gave me some passages in scripture to look at to start thinking about marriage. When I talked to you last Sunday, I told you that I want to get engaged to Katie and that we’re both eager to get engaged. We’re feeling pretty confident in our relationship but there are a few things that we would like to work on. We discussed getting engaged in February and getting married this summer. I want to get engaged in February and I don’t want to wait but I still have reservation. My reservation
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5. Is sexual desire plating to big (or too small) a role in part of your decision? Sexual desire does not play too big of a role in our relationship, but I am sexually attracted to Katie.
6. Do you have a track record of solving problems biblically? We couldn’t decide how to answer this question because we have not had any problems in our relationship yet. As far as individually, she said that one of her big problems is that she likes to hold problems in until she blows, and that she’s kind of a people pleaser. I tend to be a little more abrasive with my problems, and I like to rip the wound open. We’ll see how that works out.
7. We agreed that we are very much heading the same direction in life. We agree on having children, I’m not sure if we agree on Church involvement, and I’m not sure if we agree on missions, but I think that those can be continuing discussions.
8. We couldn’t think of any cultural differences that we have.
9. Do either of you have any complicating entanglements from past marriages or relationships?
We were sitting in my car discussing these questions after deciding that it was too brisk to go for a walk. An elephant was sitting on my chest as I tried to fill my lungs with air, I wasn’t sure If I could get the words out. I decided to begin with the lesser of my two sins. I told Katie about the girl that I had made out with in a dark room when I was 13 or 14. I
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