Geographic Information Systems ( Gis )

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Since the dawn of time, humanity has always been interested in discovering, locating and delineating the whereabouts of the world in which it lives. This is why man decided to create the map. For centuries, maps were created by hand to depict various known locations locally or globally. Now, with the advent of new technology, maps can easily be generated by a computer, especially through using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software.
I have always been fascinated by maps, geography, and understanding how everything is arranged in the world. Since GIS allows for the creation of maps depicting the arrangements of an area in the world using geographic data, there is nothing else in this world I could be more passionate about.
Geographic Information Systems pose many benefits to mankind. For instance, it has helped farms adequately provide the food we need for nourishment. GIS helps farmers make informed decisions on the best locations to farm and what benefits the lands can provide them, hence increasing their food production. The GIS software can be used to map land digitally while collecting important information needed to grow crops such as the topography or lay of the land combined with other statistical data allowing for easier analysis of the soil. In turn, this makes it easier for farmers to not only decide what and where to plant but also how to improve their methods of crop production so that they can earn more and better feed the world.
GIS can also be
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