Geographical Information About Singapore

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Singapore has some of the lowest crime and pollution rates in the world, and the climate makes it very uninhabitable for many species of insects, which makes it a perfect place to live. Geography Singapore is a city-state island located south of Malaysia, in Asia, and in the northwestern hemisphere. It has 193 kilometers of coastline and the terrain is low with many plateaus. The highest point is Bukit Timah, which is 538 feet high and made mostly of granite. Granite is commonly found in Singapore and used for trade. The climate in Singapore is tropical, always hot and humid and many rainfalls. With its location on the equator, it only has one season, with a consistent temperature in the high 80’s. Most days are cloudy due to the heavy rain. There are two monsoon seasons, the Northeast Monsoon which runs December through March and Southwest Monsoon which is in June through September. Singapore today Singapore has 5.3 million living in its state. The unemployment rate is very low at 1.8%. Many people travel or visit Singapore by cruise, flight or trains. Citizens mostly use the transit, light-rail and subway system to move around the city. Most citizens do not own cars but rent cars for short periods of time. The public transportation system is highly populated as well as advanced and luxurious and is why Singapore has low pollution. Singapore pollution rate is one of the lowest in the world. Many people recycle, volunteer, and work very hard to
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