Geographical Information on Austria

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Austria is a country from Europe continent geographically located at latitude and longitude of 48.1200° N, 16.2200° E, respectively. The country is bordered by the following nations; Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It is rich with historical information and artifacts, serene places and features, traditions and activities that are unique in the area. It is commonly associated with summer tourists who visit the historic cities and villages and hike in the magnificent scenery of the mountainous places. During the year 1569, roman Emperor Maximilian II purchased a plot flooded by Wien River. The Roman Emperor turned the area to an animal Zoo and later fenced the place. The place was intended to serve as a game park for animals and the palace recreational center. A mansion Katterburg was put up over the site, and later changed into a hunting lodge by the Emperor Maximilian II. Matthias, the son of the Emperor discovered a beautiful spring when he was hunting and renamed it as the place with beautiful spring. This led to the re-birth of the place as Schönbrunn palace. The world wars in the year 1695 resulted to part of the palace being destroyed by the Turkish especially the hunting lodge. After the world wars, the commissioning of the construction of the palace began by Emperor Leopold I. Key personalities involved in the design and constructions of the palace were Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach who was charged
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