Geographical Routing in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks Essay example

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GEOGRAPHICAL ROUTING IN WIRELESS AD-HOC AND SENSOR NETWORKS INTRODUCTION: From the past years, there has been a rapid growth in the field of wireless communication for the need of connectivity. The main reason behind this growth is excessive data exchange rate through wireless data networks such as internet services, telephones, etc. The quality of service and throughput of these wireless networks has got very strong impact on man’s day to day life. Two of those most important wireless networks which are universally used today are Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks. Ad-hoc networks are infrastructure less and self-adaptable wireless networks. In this networks no node is an access point and Sensor networks is more or less considered as an Ad…show more content…
Ad-hoc networks are said to be temporary because of the fact that they can be deployed very easily without the dependence on the pre-existing infrastructure. They have ability to change the routes of the data at a rapid speed and the routing from source to destination often includes multi-hops. Wireless Sensor Networks: Wireless sensor networks consists of large number of sensors which are distributed densely and partially. There are numerous number of small sensor nodes which are self-restrained which consists of sensors which performs according to the environmental conditions. Wireless sensor networks are often referred to as self-adaptable or self-organizing and self-mending or self-healing networks. The self-organizing property of the network facilitates for a node to join the network without any intervention automatically. The nodes in a network can reconstruct their link organizations and can form an alternative paths whenever a node in that link fails or gets damaged. The implementation of these two properties are very precise to the network topology and the network characteristics like scalability, cost, performance and various other issues are decided by the implementation capability of the properties. The sensor nodes in the wireless sensor networks does not require any engineering and are easily deployable. The sensor nodes often with multi hop connections are responsible for
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