Geography Assignment : Landforms And Landscapes

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Geography Assignment: Landforms and Landscapes (Stage 1)
How Has Rainfall Impacted Stalactite Formation in the Princess Margaret Rose Cave?
The seven concepts of geography are used many times by geographers and each concept plays a key role in landscapes and landforms. Space, Place, Interconnection, Change, Environment, Scale and Sustainability re all the 7 concepts geographers use. The landscape 'Princess Margaret Rose Cave ' is arguably the most attractive cave in Victoria and in the cave the 7 concepts are involved.
Space- This concept relates to the way things are arranged in the cave. In Princess Margaret Rose Cave there are many objects inside, these include: stalagmites, stalactites, shawls, rim pools, straws, flowstone, cave coral, blankets, bacons, pillars and helictites. All of these are placed in the cave, some may be coming down at the top or some maybe coming out at the bottom or even some maybe coming out of the sides. These help geographers to see what is in the cave.
Place- This concept are parts of the cave that are identified and given meaning by people. The Princess Margaret Rose Cave is located Princess Margaret Rose Caves Road, Mumbanaar VIC 3304. It is located 30 minutes from Mount Gambier and 15 minutes from Nelson. The cave is also 300m from the Glenelg River and the whole cave is situated near a national park: Lower Glenelg National Park. The surrounding of the cave is green grassland with trees on the sides and flowers as well. Throughout

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