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Outline the geographical processes relevant to the management of the Cronulla, Wanda and Kurnell area.

The Cronulla, Kurnell and Wanda region sites are ecologically and culturally significant. The Cronulla, Wanda and Kurnell areas are filled with beautiful beaches, magnificent headlands and various other wonderful features, being well over 15000 years old this region showcases some magnificent attractions. These regions however are now faced with issues regarding enviromental degradation and habitat endangerment. There are many issues however some of the more significant problems are erosion, longshore drift and high rise development. There are three key factors in the geographical processes that affect the coastal enviroments. There
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Erosion is unfortuanately present at Cronulla beach, the local government have tried to tackle this problem with solution such as dune stabilization and rip rap walls. Rip rap walls are when larged rocks are piled in a certain angle to catch drifting sand and protect the beaches from harsher waves and to protect buildings from high tides. There are also many programs which help to ensure the stabilization of dunes, these include the planting of new vegetation to combat erosion, fencing and designated walkways to prevent human interference. The main reason of dune stabilization is to slow down the speed of erosion. In 1974 the Cronulla beaches were at an all time low and was in a critical state, from this the University of New South Wales designed a new wall, a wall which is different from the conventional walls used to prevent erosion and transportation with these hexagonal concrete blocks weigh well over a tonne each to be used as a line of defence agiasnt the waves and erosion. These concrete walls over a period of time have increased the size of the beach. Enviromental organisations have tried there best to limit the amount of man made deveoplment on coastal lads and many schools participating in annual events to protect and save the sand dunes. The government has also

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