Geography Exam Review Essay

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GEA 2000

Chapter 1: Geography
What is geography? What do geographers study? How is geography interdisciplinary? What is cartography and GIS? What is the grid system and its parts? What are map projections, and how do they distort the Earth? What is a region and how are they determined? What is a transition zone? What are interregional linkages?

What are the internal forces and external forces that shape the physical environment? What is plate tectonics, and how does it shape the Earth’s surface? What was Pangaea? What hazards result from tectonic processes? What is the Ring of Fire? What are weathering, erosion and deposition, and how do they shape the Earth’s surface? What is glaciation, and what effect does
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What facilitated the settlement of the Great Plains, and why is it considered the breadbasket? What was the Dust Bowl? Who settled the Southwest, and how did that contribute to the culture of the region? Why and how did California rise to agricultural prominence?

What are the asymmetries, similarities and interdependencies between the US and Canada? How has agricultural employment changed in the region over time? What percentage is employed in agriculture today? What is agribusiness, and what are its pros and cons? What is the Interstate Highway System, why was it developed, and how did it transform the landscape? What is hub-and-spoke air transportation? Why has the service sector replaced manufacturing in the region? Why is it considered bimodal? What is the knowledge economy? What is the digital divide? What are government subsidies, and how are they used in the region? What is NAFTA, what have been its effects? What is NA’s relationship with Asia in terms of trade? What is outsourcing? Why is India especially a destination for outsourcing? How does Canada’s response to the economic downturn contrast with the US’s?

What are metropolitan areas, and what percentage of North Americans live in them? Describe the development of suburbs. What are brownfields? What is gentrification, and what issues does it raise? What is New Urbanism? What is Megalopolis? How is it related to urban sprawl? What is chain migration, and how has it shaped the culture of North
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