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01.01 Assignment

Historians apply geographic skills in order to learn about the past and solve historical problems. Complete the two parts of the following written assignment to show your understanding of these skills. Part 1
Explore the interactive maps to answer the three questions in Part 1 of this assignment. If you need to review how to use a map's scale, please go to the Locating Places section of the Map Tutorial and read through page 3. Please remember to submit your responses for Part 1 and Part 2 to your instructor in the assessment area. 1. Using the scale on the interactive map, give the approximate distance in miles that the Pilgrims traveled in their journey from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts. The
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Orlando is about 221.7 miles south of Hollywood. South Carolina is about 618.2 miles from Hollywood. Hollywood is a very hot and humid place. There are no mountains and hills it’s all flat land. It doesn’t snow it is summer all year. However, we do have rainfall during the months of April to July. There are many different ethnicities that live in Hollywood Florida. The city has a heavy Hispanic population. There are two large ethnic groups that live in Hollywood which are Puerto Ricans, and Cubans. 2. Convince someone to move to a U.S. city of your choice, by describing the location using terms from the lesson. Be sure to include the name of the city and state you are writing about and make your response at least one paragraph in length. You would love to live in the Big Apple also known as New York City. There are many people who live in city. New York is a very well known city in the United States. New York is its own region. It is an airport hub, and has many tourists that come to the city every year. New York is known for the towering Skyline. The two landmark dominant buildings that are in Manhattan are the Empire State, and Rockefeller Center. New York’s climate is subtropical. New York has four seasons! During the summer it is very hot and humid, in winter it is very cold and snowy so you will have to take out your scarves, gloves, coats, and boots! In the fall it is cool but the leaves turn orange, green, and yellow it is very
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