Geography : History And Geography

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War is a timeless phenomenon that has shaped societies and cultures; war is greatly influenced by geography. History and geography are both important when considering wars; history tells what events took place, but geography tells us the why, where, and how. One can study geography’s effects on war through geography’s subtopics: physical, human, economic, and political geographies. For example, war strategies and methods are geography based. Physical geography studies the terrain and landforms in the war-ridden area; these can be a disadvantage to individuals unknowing of the area, and can be used to the advantage of the country being invaded. Human geography shows the relationship between the humans (soldiers and civilians) and the land.
There is a great need for geographical knowledge, especially when considering war; if it was not important, The US Air Force Academy and West Point would not study geography, and the government would not have a Department of Geography. Physical geography can affect war greatly- regardless of the number of soldiers or the size of the weapons arsenal. From one point of view, a rough terrain and huge landmasses are detrimental; if an army does not know how to decipher their way around them, they lose time and resources in a standstill. For the country on home terrain, this is a huge advantage; living there gives them the advantage of knowing the land and how to maneuver with it. For this country, physical geography added a natural
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