Geography Of Canada Essay

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THE PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES OF CANADA 1.3 I. British Columbia A. British Columbia was named by Queen Victoria. The southern portion of the province was already called Columbia because of the river which flows through it. She choose British Columbia as the name from the colony to avoid confusion with Columbia. B. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. C. One of the British Columbia’s largest lakes, Okanagan Lake is said to inhabited by a sea serpent name Ogopogo. Known by the Salish (a native tribe) as “snake in the lake.” D. British Columbia is home to more varieties of plants and animals than any other Canadian Province E. Canada's oldest tree, a 1,300-year-old Douglas Fir, is found in British Columbia. F. The Rocky Mountains are Canada’s largest mountain range, and…show more content…
Alberta’s motto is “Strong and Free.” III. Saskatchewan A. Saskatchewan comes from the Cree word “Kisiskatchewanisipi” meaning “swift-flowing river.” B. Saskatchewan’s capital is Regina. C. Estevan, Saskatchewan, is known as the “Sunshine Capital of Canada” because it is Canada’s sunniest city. It averages 2,540 hours of sunshine annually. D. Pile o'Bones, a translation of "wascana," a Cree word meaning “the place where bison bones were stacked, was the original name for Regina. It was later named in honour of Queen Victoria. E. Saskatoon is the largest city in the province. It is named after a red berry that grows in the area of the south Saskatchewan River. F. All basic training of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recruits takes place at Depot Division in Regina. The six-month course covers a variety of subjects, including driving, shooting, and criminal law. G. Saskatchewan’s motto is “From Many Peoples Strength.” IV. Manitoba A. Manitoba is a Cree word meaning “the narrows of the Great Spirit.” This word describes Lake Manitoba. B. Manitoba’s capital is Winnipeg. C. The waves on the loose surface rocks of Lake Manitoba’s north shore produce bell-like wailing
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