Geography Of Food : Midterm Exam

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GEOGRAPHY OF FOOD MIDTERM EXAM Terms to Define (answer 5) Consolidation: any industry consolidates when one of the steps in the commodity chain becomes controlled by a finite number of producers. In the beef industry consolidation would be at the slaughterhouse and meat packing level. One company would consolidate the steps of production into one facility. Also companies would consolidate the market by only having a small amount of corporations controlling the slaughterhouses and meat packing. Currently, four companies control 87% of the meat production. The definition of a commodity chain can be broken down into two definitions of commodity, anything produced to be bought and sold in a market, and chain, link between buyers and sellers; producers and consumers. Together a commodity chain is a way to describe an industrial process by tracing the path of its products from the producer to the consumer. The commodity chain steps are as follows: inputs → production → processing and distribution → marketing → and consumption. (check this) An example of this chain in present day circumstances could be a burger you bought from the Sink on the hill in Boulder. The commodity chain would begin at the ranch were the calf is grown into a cow where it is then moved to the feedlot, concentrated animal feeding operation. From this point the cow would move to the slaughterhouse to be processed and grinded into hamburger meat where it would then be transported to a wholesale store, grocery

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