Geography Of Texas : An Amazing City

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Geography of Texas When you think of Texas you probably think big...well you’re correct. The biggest mountain in Texas is Guadalupe Peak which is towering at 8,751 feet. Another one of these mountains is El Capitan which is huge in it’s own way at 7,569 feet. Also did you know that El Capitan is spanish for The Captain? The last mountain I decided to write about is Bush Mountain which is the tallest mountain in the Bush Mountains which is towering at an amazing 8,632 feet.
Rio Grande is an amazing city, but another thing is that it holds the biggest river in the state the coincidentally is named the Rio Grande. It is 1,896 miles. There is another river called The San Antonio river and it is one of the smallest rivers in Texas. Did you …show more content…

History The first settlers in Texas were not the Americans it was the Tejano indians a tribe which had lived in the Texas region for about 100 years. The worst part of the whole Americans coming and and taking the texas land is that the natives in Texas who had lived there for 100 years get kicked out because apparently our priorities are bigger than the people who have lived there a long time. One of the great past events that had come up in the history of Texas is that it was the 28th state named just after the 27th state Florida. Another great historic event in Texan history is when Sam Houston launched a surprise attack on the Mexican general Santa Anna along the San Jacinto River. One of the greatest battles in Texan history is the Battle of the Alamo in which two volunteers named George Collinsworth and Benjamin Milam take over the Alamo breaking away from Mexico and later joining the U.S.A. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was an explorer who was in search of Gran Quivira which is a vast city with multiple pueblos and kivas.
Famous People Jim Parsons was born on March 24, 1973 in Houston, Texas. Fun Fact March 24 is the same birthday as Peter Braun!! Parsons has become most famous for his work on the show The Big Bang Theory. Later he got from his work on the show he got the main speaking role in the new movie Home

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