Geologic And : Geologic Investigation

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Geologic Methods of Study Geology is a science that involves a great deal of scientific inquiry and reevaluation. Since Geology is a science that studies “planet Earth and other solid planetary objects, including their materials, processes, products, and history”(Reynolds G-7) there are a lot of studies in the field of geology that end up explaining things about Earth that help everyone live more resourcefully and comfortably. In order to explain those things, however, geologists must go through a rigorous and very repetitive process to find answers or even just hypotheses. This process involves identifying a mystery, breaking the mystery down into smaller questions, gathering data, analyzing the data, forming a hypothesis, and testing the hypothesis and most likely repeating. The first step in geologic inquiry is to identify an unsolved mystery in the study of geology. Just like any answer, there must be a question first. Geologists start their inquiry process with unexplained questions. The mystery of why there are thick layers of salt on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea is a good example of a solvable mystery through the geologic inquiry process.
Since the question of why there are thick salt layers on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea is a very broad question, it can be a little intimidating to approach. Because of this, scientists break down the solvable mystery question into smaller questions like ‘what type of salt are the layers comprised of’ or ‘what type of

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