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Associate Level Material Geologic Time Worksheet Use the following table to compare ways of evaluating geologic time. Your description, similarities, and differences must each be at least 50 words. |Time Evaluation Method |Description |Advantages of this Method |Disadvantages of this Method | |Relative dating |The ability to figure out past |By looking at the layers of |The disadvantages to this study | | |sequences of events thus telling|sediment stacked on top of each |and the determining how old | | |us the approximate age |other and studying the fossils |these layers of sediment might | |…show more content…
It |Absolute dating is usually of by| | |specific time line or date of |gives us a precise period of |40 years or more and if we had | | |artifacts and land structures to|time when things were formed and|to test ever artifact found it | | |show how old they are by the use|it tells us how long ago certain|would cost so much money to | | |of physical analysis and through|animals walked the earth. Carbon|process every article and | | |the use of chemical testing such|dating and radioactivity have |determine which time period it | | |as carbon dating and |allowed us to make a calendar of|came from. | | |radioactivity |historical events from the past.| | In the following space, explain the role of fossils in developing the Geologic column. Your explanation must be between 200 and 300 words. The Geologic column was introduced in the nineteenth century do to the discovery of fossils with hard shells and skeletons this made it easier for geologist to date layers of strata by the fossils held within. The discovery of fossils from soft shelled creatures and plant

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