Geology Research Paper

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Abstract The following paper has four parts. In the first part, the paper describes the process of measurement of earthquakes and the difference between intensity and magnitude. The paper also comments on evidence of earth's age and the fact that the oldest possible rocks will never be found. This article also focuses on the effect of new discoveries on our knowledge about the extinction of dinosaurs. The paper also defines atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, ions and isotopes. In the second part, the paper explains the origins of gabbroic, andesitic and granitic magmas. It also gives a comparison between chemical and mechanical weathering. The paper also highlights the factors contributing to mass wastage and gives examples of sedimentary rocks that are useful. In the third part, the paper gives the differences between eight elements. Moreover, the paper highlights the ways in which a stream erodes a channel. The paper also gives details about drainage basin, drainage pattern and water tables. In the last part, the paper gives the causes behind the dust bowl of 1930's. It also describes the process of glacier formation. Moreover, the paper contrasts the conditions of winter and summer beaches and gives the reasons behind the changes that occur. Lastly, the paper compares the geological conditions that are responsible for the formation of petroleum and coal. Measuring Earthquake Size The most common earthquake measuring scale was invented by Charles F. Richter
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