Geology of Flin Flon Area

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------------------------------------------------- Regional history, lithology and structural geology of the Flin Flon greenstone belt and the broader Trans-Hudson Orogen, with special emphasis on University of Saskatchewan Flin Flon Field School map area 4 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- By: Cameron MacKay Introduction - For the period of Sunday, August 28th – Sunday, September 4th, 2011, students from the University of Saskatchewan geological sciences department along with professors Dr. Kevin Ansdell and Dr. Kyle Larson took part in a geologic field school in and around the city of Flin Flon, Manitoba. The purpose of this field school was for students to…show more content…
Next, we can see that the rock displays a subtle porphyritic texture with plagioclase comprising the phenocrysts. The overall texture of the surrounding groundmass is granoblastic equigranular. Under thin section we also see a weakly defined foliation evidenced in the preferential alignment of actinolite grains and to a lesser extent chlorite grains. Undulose extinction is also observed in quartz indicating the rock was subject to deformation. The normalized quartz, alkali-feldspar, and plagioclase (QAP) values of this rock indicate that it is classified as a grano-diorite according to the IUGS QAPF classification system which is consistent with the hand sample interpretation. Interpretation – Pervasive micro-veining throughout the unit was initially thought to

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