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Geometric Krater The Geometric Krater is a magnificent piece of Greek Art. In the eight century, vase painting became very popular. The vases show a great show a great variety of style and development over the centuries, beginning with the geometric and very linear style. They then continued through the oriental style which borrowed images from the eastern world, and into the classical era with mythology portrayed with as much classical accuracy as the ancient Greek potters and painters could muster. The majority of the vases were made of a ceramic material which could easily be used for everyday uses, however in this time, the artists would then paint on them in order to decorate them and make them ornate enough to be used for…show more content…
In the upper band, the shroud, raised to reveal the corpse is an abstract checkerboard-like backdrop, and the funerary couch has only two legs because the artist had no interest in suggesting the depth or representing space," ( Kleiner 94). This is a typical aspect of geometric design. The people, animals, and objects are all two dimensional. The figures are actually made up of very simplified shapes, not meant to be realistic looking. Upon examining one of the people depicted on the vase one may see that the bodies are comprised of only basic shapes. The torso is made of a triangle, while the head is a combination of circles. Even the arms are slender rectangles with triangular hands. The painters were not focused on the realistic aspects, but rather the symbolic representation. In their defense, it is clear to the viewers that the figures are people without the painters having to spend an enormous amount of time on them. Upon researching the geometric style of Greek vase painting, I realized exactly how unique the style is compared to all other types of vases, even other vases made by the Greeks themselves. After the geometric style care the orientalizing style. Though the orientalizing style sequentially follows the geometric style, it does not follow it in other aspects. Rather than having a very linearly organized style of painting decorating the pot, the oriental style is much more freely moving. The pictures were much more scattered and

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