Geometry in Golf Essay

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“Bringing it all Together: The Geometry of Golf” Golf in Geometry?? No Way! Geometry In The Game of Golf For hundreds of years, golf has been an extremely popular and growing sport all around the world. Looking where golf is now, it is growing rapidly from the young to the elder population. The first round of gold was first played in the 15th century off the coast of Scotland, but it did not start to be played until around 1755. The standard rules of golf were written by a group of Edinburgh golfers. Today, people of the US, Scotland, and England, have been drawn to the game because it is fun, challenging, and hardly any athletic ability at all is required for amateurs. In breaking down the game, geometry plays a major…show more content…
In golf geometry is al around but it just takes one to stand back and look how line, angles, and shapes are all around. Five geometry topics that are most prevalent in the game of golf include circumference of circles, parallel lines, triangles, radius and diameter, and angle measurement. If none of these geometric ideas were in golf, the game would not be here right now. The first geometric topic involved in golf is the circumference of circles. For people who do not know the objective of the game of golf, it is fairly simple. Put the ball in the hole. The circumference of the hole is 13.35 inches, while the diameter is 4.25 inches. It is extremely important that the creators of the course measure each distance from the tee box to the hole. Also, the diameter of a regulation golf ball is 1.68 inches. The circumference is 5.28 inches. Though it is not clear exactly how the standard measurement of the hole came up, it is obvious that it greatly affects the scores of golfers. If it was made a little bit smaller, scores will rise greatly. If the hole were too be made a little bit bigger, and scores would come down significantly. Moreover, parallel lines are very important to the game of golf. In the golf swing, if a full swing is taken, the club should always be parallel to the ground when the club is at the furthest point back. If the club is not taken all the way back it takes away the distance and if
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