Geometry in the Early Elementary Grades

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LESSON PLAN Learning Area Topic/ Lesson Title PREPARATION Follow up lesson for Video (Year 2: Maths - Shapes) Rationale / Goal Geometry in the early elementary grades can build on children's informal knowledge by giving them appropriate vocabulary and opportunities to practice identifying geometric shapes in the classroom and the real world. These learning activities help students make connections between what happens in and out of the classroom. They also help children begin to informally develop their concept of spatial sense through such observations as "close" and "far away." Giving students opportunities to practice developing their spatial sense will increase their awareness and application of geometric concepts in different areas of mathematics and other disciplines, including art, science, and social studies. Learning area links as per curriculum/syllabus (Year 2: Maths - Shapes) Children's prior knowledge/experience Identifying shapes and their names Objectives At the end of the lesson the children will be able to: Understands the common language of spatial sense (e.g.,
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