Georg Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party

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History Research Task Why did George Lincoln Rockwell found the American Nazi Party and how successful was it by the time of his death in 1967? Introduction: Thirteen years following the end of WWII and the exposure of the Nazi’s and their atrocities worldwide, 1958 should have been a year where the ideologies of Hitler were no longer seen as acceptable, none the less adopted. 1958 is the year which the American Nazi Party, a fascist neo-Nazi organisation in America with Nazi ideologies at its core, was started by a man named George Lincoln Rockwell. Despite the fact that George Lincoln Rockwell had served as a US Navy Commander in World War Two, fighting against the Nazi’s and what they stood for, Rockwell started the American Nazi Party following his concern at the declining conditions of the Western Civilization and found what appeared to be the remedy in Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The reason behind the founding of the American Nazi Party can then be attributed to his desire to keep Nazism alive in America and to fulfil a prophesy made by Hitler before his death to revive the fight against the Jews not in Europe but in the United States. Although the altered ideologies of Rockwell remain present in neo-Nazi groups today, The American Nazi Party saw little support financially, in terms of citizens of America despite on-going racial tensions in America and little to no support from figures of political authority. This therefore shows that the American Nazi Party saw

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