George And Lennie Relationship Analysis

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Would a child or youngling die without its parents? Would a grown man die without a parent? George and Lennie’s relationship is similar to a parent's and child's relationship. In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie are working men during the Great Depression. Lennie is a little kid in a big man’s body, while George is a short-tempered man who looks after Lennie. Lennie has a mental disability which is why he needs George to help him survive. Due to George constantly helping Lennie, Lennie has become reliant on George. Lennie is dependent on George based on his actions, his language or speech, and how he relates to George. To begin, Lennie is dependent on George based on his actions. Throughout the whole story,…show more content…
When Lennie says things like the examples given it shows that he depends on George on right from wrong, based on his language. After Lennie fought Curley, George asked why he wouldn’t stop and Lennie says, “You told me to George” ( Steinbeck 64). Earlier in the story, Lennie asks George, “Where are we going? I tried not to forget” ( Steinbeck 4). Later Lennie thinks out loud, “I didn’t forget, you bet, god damn. Hide in the brush an’ wait for George” (Steinbeck 100). By Lennie saying these things we build on to the fact that Lennie needs George, we learn all this just from his speech. When Lennie finds himself in tough situations he looks to George’s words or speech to guide him or help him. When Lennie asks George where they are going he only asked him because he couldn’t remember and George has always helped him. Lennie is constantly relying on George to help him remember things. Lastly, Lennie is relying on George all the time based on how he relates to George in the text. Lennie is always with George because they have a relationship like a mother and a son, Lennie's relations with George prove this. George has been with Lennie for a long time and George feels like Lennie has been holding him back. When George yells at Lennie he says, “When I think of the swell time I could have without you” (Steinbeck 12). This quote proves that Lennie has been with George for a long time, long enough to drive George into a rage of regret and sorrow. The reason they have been
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