Essay about George Bernard Shaw's Life and Works

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George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin of Protestant stock in 1856. During Shaw’s fifty-eight year career he wrote novels, short stories and several reviews, essays and prefaces. Shaw’s early writings were based on the unrealistic Victorian ideas and written as a comedy that made fun of romance during that time period. Like many other Irish writers, Bernard Shaw contributed highly to English literature and drama with writings such as Pygmalion, a play that was based on a part of his life and written as a comedy but received as a love story.
George Bernard Shaw was born on the twenty-six day of July in 1856. “Bernard Shaw was the third child and only son of George Carr Shaw and Lucinda Elizabeth (Gurly) Shaw” (Carr 7). “Bernard Shaw had
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Shaw would live with his Mother and Lee for the ten years.
Bernard Shaw romance many women with romantic letters. “Shaw was introduced to Charlotte Payne-Townsend, a green-eyed Irish millionaire, through friends” (Carr 9). On June 1, 1898 Charlotte bought a marriage license and they were married on the West Strand Registry Office. Shaw and Charlotte where married for many years. Charlotte died as age eighty-six. After her death, when Shaw found her diaries and letters to T.E. Lawrence, he said, “Of all the women I have known (and I have known many) I knew Charlotte least of all” (Carr 9).
“Bernard Shaw had no systematic education, but he worked at self-improvement, learned shorthand, drawing lesions, studied languages and took boxing lessons at London Athletic Club as a feature to his public image” (Morgan 103). “Shaw became a vegetarian in 1881 in the hope of curing his chronic migraine headaches” (Morgan 102). In meeting William Archer, a man of deep social and ethical convictions, well established as a critic and becoming known translator and champion of Ibsen, enable him to win fame and earn a regular living as a journalist, and then led him on into his career as a playwright.
Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in 1913 and it tells a story about how a professor in phonetics makes a bet with his close friend Colonel Pickering that he can teach a low class
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