George Braque Research Paper

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A well known artist of the 20th century is Georges Braque, born on May 13, 1882, in Argenteuil, France. Braque took after his father and grandfather in house panting. Braque studied painting from 1897-1899 a the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He took his love for artistic painting to the next level where he then moved to Paris. From 1902-1904 he continued to paint at the Academie Humbert. In 1910 a close artist and friend Pablo Picasso introduced Braque to model Marcelle Lapre which then later married in 1912. Braque also served in the French Army during World War I and sustained wounds to the head in 1915. With his failing health that prevented Braque from creating any large-scale commissioned projects he still continues with his art work in 1917.
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