George Bush 9/11 Speech Essay

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In 2001, George W. Bush gave a speech to Congress after the terrorist attack on 9/11. Although I was 10 years old and unable to understand everything then, I am able to understand them now. And as an American citizen I stand by Bush wanting to keep America free and the world a safe place for all human’s to live in. Bush gave this speech on September 20, 2001. Nine days after America had been attacked by terrorists. Bush makes sure to thank many people, including all of America for pulling together and helping each other in this time of confusion and weakness. He then goes on to explain to American why we were attacked and who these terrorists were. They terrorists were al-Qaida, whose goal is to remake the world and impose their radical…show more content…
Bush has the respect of America throughout this speech because at the time he was the President of the United States of America. He had many people on his side, keeping him informed about everything going on and from all parts of the world. He was Americas’ leader and a friend and ally to other countries. He was knowledgeable and with the help of others was able to make sound discussions on what step to take from there. Unfortunately, Bush’s speech lacks sources, about how he knows what al-Qaida is and what their goal is, to make himself more credible. But at this point and time, America was so despite for answers, they would take any information. As the President, Bush speaks as the voice of the United Stated of America. It represents us and knows how to do it with patients, power and respect. Although when he states “These demands are not open to negotiation or discussion” (Bush) I feel that, although there is power in that statement saying that America is not to be messed with and that this is a serious situation, the al-Qaida may now go into hiding because they are too proud to turn themselves over. With no negotiation or decision allowed, we are now going to have a harder time receiving our requested demands. Although we know the task of capturing terrorism and putting an end to it does not seem simple, it may be the only way to assure Americas’ freedom. He covered
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