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Maxwell also makes an emphatic statement when he says that ‘Everything rises and falls with leadership.’ This bold statement would suggest that leadership plays a significant part in determining the success or failure of anything and everything – whether it is in a home, in a business, in an organization, in a church or in a nation. Supporting this thinking and in the context of the Christian community, George Carey talks about the importance of leadership and attributes the growth of a Church (and the people in it) to effective leadership, suggesting that when entities succeed, it is not due to happen-chance but to visionary leadership, whilst the converse can also be attributed to poor leadership.

If leadership is as critical as described above by virtue of its impact on the well being of people and the society, it therefore becomes imperative that we identify the tools that can be used in developing effective and godly leadership. Finney, writing in the late 80’s, states that ‘every survey of churches has shown the importance of leadership, yet, until recently, there has been little attempt by Christians to think carefully about the skills and attitudes which leaders require’.

This paper critically explores the role of mentoring as a tool for developing effective leaders in the
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The subsequent report revealed ‘that UK churches are made up of 65% women’ and suggests that ‘by 2028, there will be no men left in the church’ . This finding of church male to female attendance ratio is certainly the case in my local parish and the rest of the RCCG denomination in the UK. The Tearfund findings correlate with an in-house survey conducted in my local parish in 2012 which revealed that the total number of members in the church were 1700, excluding children. Of this number 65.7% were women and out of this, 43% were between the ages of 20 –
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