George Ciresi: A Career As A Physical Therapist

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The healer I had interviewed was a physical therapist named George Ciresi. Physical therapists are health care professionals who diagnose and treat patients of all ages who are experiencing medical problems causing limitations in their abilities to move and perform everyday functional activities. This kind of care can be provided in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and sports and fitness facilities. When seeing a physical therapist the first step involves an evaluation. An evaluation is when the physical therapist examines each individual one on one in order to develop a plan using treatment techniques to aid the patient in a full recovery on the body part that is causing any pain or restrictions in their everyday lives. Also, to be able to achieve this goal the therapists must learn and identify existing problems with…show more content…
George’s compassion to help others along with his interest in sports and helping athletes heal to get back onto the field was a good combination for him to realize this field would be a great fit. Once he realized he wanted to become a healer, specifically a physical therapist he became determined day after day by pushing himself in every aspect of life in order to make this dream become a reality and a real life job. Through George’s path of becoming a healer I interpreted it as challenging, but fun at the same time through the experiences he was able to obtain by working with and training a lot of professional athletes. The hard work in the classroom and all the late nights of studying opened the door for him to develop relationships along the way and begin his own path in the field of healing. The road may not be easy, but those who are compassionate enough in what they do to help others will succeed. Anyone can become a healer if they choose to, but not anyone can be a successful
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