George Eliot's Silas Marner as a Fairy Tale Essay

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George Eliot's Silas Marner as a Fairy Tale In the novel Silas Marner by George Elliot, there are realistic and fairytale characters. It always ends in a happy ending. Fairytales always represent good over evil and have a timeless quality and a universal quality. Moreover they contain magic and it is as if in the story that Silas's transformation seems magical. In the novel there is a superior power operating in the book. Also fairytales have stock characters (e.g. evil/hero). In addition to this, in the novel there are partly realistic and fairytale characters. In the book there are fairytale characters. These consist of Eppie, Aaron, William Dane and Dunsey. They have the same qualities. Eppie…show more content…
In any book the stories might be different but all the fairytale characters are similar. Silas has many different aspects; he is part real and part fairytale. He is an unlikely hero and his personality is by no means dynamic or fascinating. The treatment he receives in Raveloe makes us symphonise with him. In the novel he is referred to as the miser 'Rumple stiltskin'. In his appearance he closely resembles a gnome, as he is short, skinny and physically feeble. But on the other hand he has lost his faith in God and mankind because of his ill treatment. Although we symphonise with him, some of his characteristics are repellent. He works like an insect, he is a miser and his lack off generosity is not very nice. His interest and skill in herbs introduces another aspect to his character because when he treated Sally Oats it shows realism as he cares and has emotions. Moreover there is like a 'magic wand' in Silas. Him being in an epileptic fit is like being touched by 'the invisible wand of catalepsy' which shows that he is not realistic but a fairytale character. Dolly is the other partly realistic and fairytale character. She behaves as a Godmother to Eppie like in the fairytale book 'Cinderella' and she is a fully rounded person. But in fact she is a godmother. She is very positive, down to earth, practical and very
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