George Gershwin Essay

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One of the most influencial composers of the 1920’s was George Gershwin. Gershwin was the most celebrated and wealthiest American composers of the 1920’s. In this paper I will discuss Gershwin’s life as a child and his upbringing and how his music expressed the dreams of every American Citizen by mixing different styles of music like Jewish, black, jazz, classical, blues and put them into one genre and created absolute music. George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 26, 1898. As the son of immigrant parents, Georges father had many jobs, so they were forced to live in many locations. George had two brothers, Arthur and Ira, and one sister, Francis. Although, George was the most well known of the…show more content…
It took only ten minutes to compose a song called Swannee. The song was incorporated into the show Sinbad at New York’s Winter Garden. The song was such a huge success selling over two million copies of sheet music world wide. Gershwin and Caesar earned each over ten thousand dollars each for their song (Gojowy 303). From 1920-1924, Gerswhin signed on to write the music for a new Broadway musical called the George White Scandals. This production featured twenty-five Gerswhin tunes. Soon after, he wrote an operetta but was pull out because it didn’t fit in, however would be used in later compositions (Schwartz 47). One of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Paul Whiteman, was so impressed with Gerswhin’s use of jazz in the melody, harmony and rhythms, he suggested to him to write a concerto for two piano’s to be played at Aeolian Hall under Whiteman’s direction. Oddly, Gerswhin forgot about writing the piece until he read an advertisement, which announced the premier of a new composition by George Gershwin. He finished it in two hours (Adam 35:19). Gerswhin composed the work, which defined his career and elevated him to a new level of success. George Gershwin 4 Rhapsody in Blue was the piece that Gerswhin composed. The opening of
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