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George Gershwin was a popular and successful American pianist and composer. He composed music for movies, Broadway musicals, opera and the concert hall. He combined classical music and jazz to his style.
George Gershwin was born on the 26th of September, 1896 in Brooklyn, New York. His original name was Jacob Gershwin. On 11st of July, 1937 he died after his brain surgery at the age of 37 in Hollywood, California. His grave is in Westchester Hills Cemetary, Hastings on Hudson, New York. He was the son of Russian immigrants; his dad, Morris (Moishe) Gershowitz changed his last name to Gershwin when he came to United States from Russia. Her mother, Rosa Bruskin was also a Russian immigrant. His parents were poor and they lived in a bad …show more content…

After few years he became a highly skilled composer in United State. He also played the piano in rehearsals for Broadway singers to earn more money. In 1916, when he was 18, “When You Want’ Em You Can’t Get’ Em” was published which was George Gershwin’s first song. To make more money, he recorded about 130 piano rolls within 9 years. He composed music for movies, Broadway shows and opera.
He composed “Swanne,” which is the first nationally successful piece and “Blue Monday”, which is a jazz opera piece in 1919 and he became really popular. In 1924, George Gershwin and his older brother Ira worked together and made the musical comedy “Lady Be Good” and it was performed on Broadway. He also composed his first classical and most famous piece “Rhapsody in Blue” in the same year. It is his most famous piece and the piece made him a celebrity and appeared on Time Magazine’s cover.
George Gershwin composed pieces such as “Strike Up the Band,” “Someone to Watch over Me,” “Oh, Lady Be Good!” and “Embraceable You.” Most of these songs’ lyrics was written by Ira, George Gershwin’s older brother.
He hosted a radio show called “Music by Gershwin” in NBC when he was 36. He introduced his most enthusiastic piece, “Porgy and Bess” 11 years after writing “Rhapsody in Blue” in 1935. “The piece was based on the novel “Porgy” by Dubose Heyward, drew from both popular and classical influences.” (A+E Television Networks. 2013) This was successful and later it

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