George Hegel 's Theory Of Ideas

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George Hegel introduced to the world to the theory of ideas, known as the Hegelian dialectic, and it is quite astonishing as it contemplates and assesses contradicting ideas and ultimately generates a new idea. Hegel believes that all human ideas (thesis) are often in heated confrontations with their similar counterparts (antithesis), in which both may be equally feasible for a society. Hegel believes that these issues must be resolved through the synthesis of a new idea. The Hegelian dialectic has been utilized by numerous people throughout history, this is acknowledged by Karl Marx. Marx believes that in a time of conflict between royals and townspeople, which revolved around unequal distribution of resources, the Hegelian dialectic was utilized to synthesize a new idea called capitalism. The development of capitalism resolved the conflict between the royals and townspeople. Consequently, a new contradiction arose as result for the materialistic society, which is the conflict of the capitalist versus the working class. It is predicted that, as per Hegel, the presence of these contradicting ideas will eventually result in the creation of a new one. In this regard, contemporary Marxists have concocted a bold prediction regarding our capitalist society, which is the eventual death capitalism. It is explained that as resources are heavily allocated to a minor population, the middle class will disappear and the working class will grow. As workers are replaced by robotics and
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