George Henrring Chapter Summary

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George C. Henrring did a great job organazing this book first of all he made a chronological book this means starting with the earliest and following the next one in order that they occurred. Each chapter is representig a period of years the fisrt chapter is starting from 1776 the year our independence all the way to 1788 through this chapter we are only going to see three countries we know that U.S. is going to be one the other two would be Britain as you know the they were the number one power back then they had the best military and the were also a wealthy country and the other country was France the second world power lets start with the basic the thirteen colonies found difficult to unified with a foreign policy to work something out for example a treaties, but the Articles of Confederation limited the power of the national government for this reason no treaties. But first the 13 colonies were dificult…show more content…
Then Herrings continue with a second chapter from 1789 - 1801 a short period but it was titled "None who can make us afraid" but some of the most importance during this period was about the Barbarian Parates most of these pirates were from North Africa states as Algiers, Morocco, and Tripoli and Tunis they were demanding tribute, plundering ships even ensalving foreign salilors, but where would we stand here as a British Colony we had protection, but after the revolution war we were in our own so now it was more easily to get attacked by pirates so first the U.S. decided to paid the pirates monthly for them not to attacked, so when we were by our selves we could not make no economy we were just surving by trading so we had to make as deal we had to work with Foreign
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