George Herbert Mead And Erving Goffman

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Guadalupe Zamudio
SOC 355
May 16, 2016
Professor Budesa
George Hebert Mead and Erving Goffman George Hebert Mead and Erving Goffman take on sociology from two very different perspectives. Most of Goffman’s writings were published during the fifties when the television and radio were in full swing, dominating society’s people. Mead studied social philosophy during the late 1890’s. Both Mead and Goffman took much of their lives studying the self and its origins. This included studying the way one acts in certain dilemmas or the reaction they may conquer. In the present 21st century the idea of finding one’s “true self “is so often advertised, basically pushing the mentality that every human being on this planet has a specific function with certain characteristics that the individual must discover in order to contribute to the rest of society. Theories thought out by Mead and Goffman bring awareness to the self and the relations between oneself, other people, and it environment.
George Herbert Mead approaches sociology by acknowledging symbols and interaction between oneself before others. Mead believes that society runs functionally through interpretation and behavior that to certain situations. However Mead establishes that one does not exactly react first hand but rather acts the way it is appropriate according to the situation one has built, leading to alternative behavior. In a much simpler sense, Mead claims that we think before we act. Actions are based on the…
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