George Herbert Mead's Theory Of Symbolic Interactionism

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According to George Herbert Mead, symbolic interactionism is a theory that rely on the reality of human’s daily actions which are interactions. It focuses on roles and behaviour as well as human’s interactions and actions. The idea that individuals use language and significant symbols in their communication with others is the central to symbolic interactionist thought . Rather than addressing how common social institutions define and impact individuals, symbolic interactionists shift their attention to the interpretation of subjective viewpoints and how individuals make sense of their world from their unique perspective. Symbolic interactionism basically means the ongoing use of language and gestures in anticipation of how others will react which is equal to a conversation.…show more content…
Morris in 1934. His theory of the self maintains that the conception a person holds of themselves in their mind emerges from social interaction with others. This is, in effect, a theory and argument against biological determinism because it holds that the self is not at the start there at birth nor necessarily at the beginning of a social interaction, but is constructed and re-constructed in the process of social experience and activity. This means individuals expand their self concept through interactions with other people. Self concept gives a vital motive towards people behaviour. For example, people will not repeat their mistakes once it pointed out by other people. Not only that, the meanings also regulate our behaviour and actions so that people do not act hastily and recklessly. This also make us different and seem disciplined in the current world that people can get popular for doing something stupid and inappropriate in social media platforms like Instagram and
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