George J. Beto 's Life

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George J. Beto was born to Louis and Margaret Beto on January 16, 1916 in Hysham, Montana. His family was of strong Lutheran faith as his father was a circuit riding minister. This would not only impact his childhood but his entire life. Beto attended several schools including Valparaiso University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1938. He then finished his theological studies and he became a professor of history at Concordia Lutheran College in Austin, Texas. In 1953, then governor Allan Shivers appointed him to the Texas Prison Board. Although he did not have real academic training in corrections he learned and quickly made wonderful changes in the prison system. He served on the board until 1959. George Beto served on the Administrative Agency and performed as the board secretary for three of those years. During the first six years of time he worked with the prison system in Texan, George Beto quickly realized that there were no programs for the prisoners and they would quickly return to their ways of life after they served their sentence. He was crucial to starting the first GED program for prisoners that became a nationwide program through the years. It is still used and many prisoners not only benefit from the education aspect but it is also used as a way to remove time from their sentence. The only downfall to this program would be the inmates who use it as a way to shorten their sentence. In 1961 Beto again returned to the prison system and

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