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In a book called The Political Mind, written by professor George Lakoff, published in 2008, he mentions something called “the strict father model.” Lakoff tries to make a connection between people in politics and the why their minds may work. Lakoff mentions politicians that label themselves has conservatives tend to be categorized under his model of the strict father. Lakoff describes the “strict father” has a moral leader of the family and he must be obeyed. There is evil in the world and the father must protect the family because the mother is unable. The world is full of competition and the father must go out to beat the other competitors in order to provide for his family. The father is there to teach his children the difference between…show more content…
According to a video “Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Nevada Caucus Night Speech,” taken on February 24, 2016, in Los Vegas. After he get introduced to the night party he starts his speech with “God bless the great state of Nevada.” He also ends his speech with “Thank you and god bless you.” The reason that I bring this up is because Lakoff mentions something about it. Christian conservative see god has a strict father (80). He is paying his respect to his father figure. I say father figure not to mean that he didn’t have a father. If you use the “strict father model (78)” then you can think of Ted Cruz as being a child of God. God wants to teach him what is right and what is wrong. He does this through his bible. The bible is the teaching that a father would normally teach his child has the child grows up. Maybe Ted Cruz believes that if he doesn’t say these words than he is disobeying his father. His father would then have to give Cruz his punishment. The bible tells Cruz what his punishment will be because god is no longer on earth. Second, Ted Cruz goes to thank and introduce another man. The man who Ted Cruz says this about is Adam Laxalt. He is a “tremendous, strong, principled constitutionalist conservative, when he ran for attorney general, all the political establishment was against him. He wasn’t supposed to win.” The reason why I think Cruz says this is one he would…show more content…
The start of the presidential election on the republican side there were seventeen people who went into this race. These were all of the other competitors in the competition for the Republican nomination. This goes back to the “Strict Father Model (Lakoff 77)” which tells us these people who follow this model. In this case we will assume that every person who labels themselves a republican follows Lakoff’s model. They think of the world as being a competition. Ted Cruz doesn’t use the word competition but he does use the words narrow and thin out. I think that Ted uses these words to imply that I wasn’t any form of a challenge. You can say any person that is going against someone else is a competitor but doesn’t mean this person will be a challenge. Cruz choosing to use the word “narrow and thin out” may be a subtle back hand at his former competitors. Ted Cruz goes to mention “history teaches us the no one has ever won the nomination without winning one of the three primaries.” This remark is sent toward the two remaining candidates who have not won any of these three primaries. The initial seventeen people have gotten down to the last four people. Two of these people have won the initial primaries. The other two have not. If history tells us anything and Ted Cruz has stated this history, then these two candidates who have not won, one

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