George Lamming's in the Castle of My Skin

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What is exile? For some, exile may be equivalent to eviction. For some, it may be equivalent to shunning. The dictionary definitions of exile are “absence from own country,” “somebody living outside own country,” and “banishment.” These definitions are examples of a physical exile, or in other words, a physical removal or dislocation of a person or people. The idea of exile does not necessarily have to be a physical displacement, though. Exile can be personal, mental, or cultural. Exile can be emotional or social. This type of exile is one that many people can associate with. Anyone who longs to belong somewhere, with a group of people, or in a community dreads social and cultural exile. It is worthy of note that these exiles may…show more content…
For example, when G. and his friends are outside watching and talking about the party that is taking place, they hear a noise, and discover Mr. Creighton’s daughter and a young man making love. When Mr. Creighton learns that his daughter has been violated, he instantly tags this violation to the “vagabonds” from the island, leaving the sailor that was making love to his daughter free of any responsibility (Lamming, 16). When thinking of a father dealing with his daughter making love to a young man, it is more likely that the father would target the young man in the situation. However, in this example, there was no question but to target the village boys, because of their inferiority and carelessness. While the landlord is weighed down by the changes in the village and the violation of his daughter, G. is weighed down by the accusations of him being a violation. His consciousness of the treatment he gets at this point is becoming more and more. G. is aware that he is not welcome throughout the culture.
As G. gets older, circumstances in his life continue to make him feel like an outsider, but these circumstances are no longer solely the act of the colonial powers around him and the culture. These circumstances present themselves to him, and he faces a more mental, personal exile. About halfway through the novel, after the last huge issue that occurred with G., his violation of Mr. Creighton’s daughter,

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